About Us

About Us

Saigontrade is a Joint Stock Company, focusing on providing advanced technology and solutions with the innovative products to the Clients, such as project owners, EPC contractors and operators in energy and relevant industrial sectors.

Our Company specializes in providing advanced solutions of reinforcement and anti corrosion, hydrophobic insulation, materials & equipment for oil & gas industry.

We are constantly informed of the latest developments in products and marketplace. This also applies for the quality demands that products must have.

Our Vision

We offer a balanced and effective organization in which service-oriented and well educated employees by years of experience and knowledge can assist with advice and manufacturing of industrial systems. We offer customers the guarantee of a workable and above all reliable solutions tailored to customer’s requirements.

Our Mission

Service and quality are of high importance. Hence we almost only deliver A-brands. Saigontrade provides not only its products and services, but also offers its experience and knowledge that add extra values. Saigontrade gives customers the possibility to focus on its core business.